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Skateboarding's Crown Jewel
Skatebarding's Crown Jewel

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The footage in this video is from the Hester Series. It was held at the legendary skate park Hi Roller in Boulder, Colorado in 1979. The Hester Series was comprised of four separate contests that were held at a variety of skate parks across the United States.


Never before seen footage of skateboard legends, Micke Alba, Steve Alba, Eric Grisham, David Andrecht, Duane Peters, Wally Inouye, Jay Smith, Bert Lamar, Ray Rodriguez, Kevin Reed, Bart Davies, Eric Halverson, Eddie Elguera, Steve Olson, Brad Bowman, Chris Strople, Darryl Miller, Craig Miller, Peter Gifford, Scott Parsons, Ken Shiffman, and George Orton.

This video is a must for skateboard enthusiasts of all ages. For the older generation it will bring back a lot of fond memories of the good old days and for this generation of skateboarders, it will amaze them to see what kind of tricks were being pulled off and they might even learn where some of the trick names originated from.

DVD Special Features
Pool Doubles featuring:
  • Scott Parsons and Eric Halverson

  • David Andrecht and Darryl Miller

  • Duane Peters and Eddie Elguera

  • Peter Gifford and Wally Inouye

  • Steve Alba and Steve Olson

  • George Orton and Brad Bowman
Duane Peters, Backside Air Boulder Colorado 1979

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